Family Survey

Thank you for contributing to our annual Family Survey. We really appreciate the time everyone took in giving your feedback on what you like about Derian House and what you would like to see going forward. We have grouped together some of the comments which we received with a brief explanation of what we are doing about it.

Here is a snapshot of some of your comments:

I find the services are excellent and Derian provides a valuable service

I am happy to leave my son in safe, capable and caring hands. Also I feel every care is giving to safety of surroundings

From our experiences we are extremely satisfied with the services you offer. Everyone has always been so lovely and accommodating and we are very impressed as well as grateful 🙂

Our son x comes to Derian to do hydro sessions and is very well looked after and treated with care and safely

How easy is it to book a stay at Derian House?

76% believe that booking a stay at Derian House is Very Easy or Easy.

  • It’s really important that all of our families are able to book respite when they need to, and we base our bookings on the following principles:
  • We operate a fair and equitable system which is based on the needs of our children and young people, available staffing levels and overall demand.
  • We aim to allow families to plan their respite for the year to fit in with their personal circumstances.
  • Our booking and referral system enables us to offer additional respite more easily to the more vulnerable babies, children and young people.
  • Our processes also enable us to respond to emergencies as often as possible.
  • And finally we need to make sure that newly referred families are able to access support from the hospice without lengthy delays.

Respite Allocation – Children and Young People are allocated a level of respite which is based on their needs. This may differ between families as we take into consideration family circumstances, the health conditions of our children and young people and availability in the Hospice. We know that school holidays are always a peak time for respite bookings and we aim to be fair in how we allocate that availability. We are always willing to assist during times of emergency or where you feel additional support is required if you are finding it difficult to cope.

Do you feel that Derian House is a safe environment for your child?

100% Believe that Derian House is a safe environment.

Car Parking – Families have told us that they would like to see more parking and more disabled parking being available when visiting the Hospice. We now make sure that we reserve parking spaces for families during peak times such as Family Daycare sessions and we have also submitted planning permission to create extra car parking.

How would you rate the facilities available at Derian House?

Over 90% of families think that the facilities we offer are either Good or Excellent. We are pleased that families feel that the facilities which are available in the Hospice are Excellent, however we can always improve!

Free Wifi – You asked for free wifi when you come and visit and stay with us. Just let us know when you arrive and we can arrange this for you.

More Activities – You asked for extra weekend activities for young people. We are looking at developing the services we offer young people – watch this space for more information!

Quiet Space – You asked for a larger padded sleeping area for older children and young adults. This is available when children and young people stay. If you would like further details on what we provide, please speak to your contact worker or a member of the Care Team.

Pool Use – You have asked for us to make more use of the pool. The pool at Derian is regularly used where it is appropriate for the children and young people in our care. The pool is always accessed during Family Day Care and Wednesday Club. We also have new services called Little Splashers, and Family Splash at the weekend.

How well do care staff treat you and your child when visiting Derian House? (Nurses, GP’s, Clinical Support Workers or Play Workers).

More than 90% of respondents believe they are treated excellently by staff at Derian House. Something which we are really pleased to hear.

Quiet Handover – You have asked that we carry out a quieter handover during the evening. We have asked our colleagues to ensure that they keep noise to a minimum during handovers.

How would you rate the care that your child receives when staying at Derian House?

Over 95% of respondents rate the care that your child has received as Excellent, which is excellent news!

Continuity – You have asked for less changes of staff during the day. We need to ensure that we are appropriately staffed to care for Children and Young People so that we are safe to operate. We do try to match the children to the staff who the children bond well with, and this also needs to be balanced against the overall staffing of the Hospice.

Continuity – You asked that we try to make sure that the staff know your children better. We take the time during handover to go through the care plan and ensure that all staff are aware of all continuing care needs

How good is Derian House at making you feel comfortable/at home during your visits?

Over 95% of respondents felt that Derian House was Excellent or Good at making families feel comfortable during visits.

Good Night – Some felt that they felt awkward in calling to say goodnight to their child. Saying goodnight to your child is very important, please never feel awkward in asking for this. We have added this to your Care Plan if you would like to call at set times and say goodnight.

How satisfied are you that we have been able to/have dealt with any issues that you have raised?

73% of you are very satisfied or satisfied that we have dealt with issues that have been raised which is great. The remaining quarter have stated that they “don’t know”.

Is there anything else that you would like to know more about or be kept informed about in relation to Derian House?

Lots of our families would like more information. We will be publishing more information for you in the following areas, please contact us if you would like any further information about any of the services we offer.

  • Admission Policy
  • Referral Policy
  • Contact Work
  • Annual Events Calendar

How satisfied are you that Derian House would be/has been able to respond to your needs in an emergency situation?

We are pleased that 65% of respondents felt that we helped in an emergency situation, however many of you did not know that we could help in this way.

Crisis – Derian House is here for families during times of crisis. Whether it is someone to talk to at the end of the phone, assistance in social care provision and providing direction, liaising with different agencies and providing emergency respite when needed. If you require any of these services please contact the Hospice.

How well do non-clinical staff treat you and your child when visiting Derian House? (for example Receptionists, Fundraisers, Administration Team, Chefs)

100% of responders felt that non clinical staff treated you either good or excellently.

If you would like to talk about the Family Survey and how we are listening to your views, please contact Helen Fogg on 01257 233300.

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