Bereavement Support

We recognise that each and every family is different. Experiencing the death of a child is one of the most devastating things that can happen to anyone. The support we offer in the time before death, immediately after and in the following months and years is flexible and aims to work with the immediate family members through a variety of ways.

In order to access our bereavement support services you must already have been referred to us. If you wish your child to be referred to Derian House, either you or a relevant professional can do this. Please contact a member of the care team for more information on 01257 233 300.

  • Telephone contact and ‘drop in’ sessions for those who want to come back to Derian House
  • Group work for parents and siblings is offered over a period of nine months to explore the experiences of grief and loss
  • A memorial book is available in the quiet room / chapel for personal messages
  • An annual remembering service is held at Derian House for all bereaved families
  • A pebble pool in our quiet garden is a place for those who wish to have their child’s name engraved on a special pebble

We are reviewing our bereavement support service and will be offering individual support in the family home if this is what some families would like.

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