The Lodge at Derian House

At Derian House, our ethos is to support our young people and their transition into adult services.

The Lodge is a bright, modern, age appropriate and accessible environment where young people can have control of their own care.

The four-bed facility uniquely designed for our 16 to 25-year-olds offers large bedrooms each with a city theme, a TV lounge area with sensory lighting, plus a private outdoor courtyard. They also have access to a fully-adapted kitchen with a rising cooker, sink and worktops as well as our “Derian at the Movies” cinema and gaming at the Hub.

The Lodge is a safe place for our young people to cook, watch films, play games, and meet new friends while also having their medical and health needs fully supported.

If you would like more information about The Lodge call 01257 233300.

Transition Support Service in conjunction with LifeNoW

Derian House’s service working with LifeNow is a provided for adults aged 24 – 28 who are transitioning from Derian House into their local community.

The approach is person-centred and tailored to the individual’s needs, wishes and aspirations. The adults are empowered to be as independent as possible with guidance offered where appropriate. Support offered can be:

  • Employment based
  • Life skills
  • Supported living
  • Family support
  • Peer support
  • Social activities
  • Emotional support
  • Benefit advice
  • Advanced care planning

Advice and support is not exclusive to adults transitioning from Derian House, it can include parents and carers who are caring for the adult within the family home. On leaving the transition support service, adults will have in place a transition passport with important information to continue their journey.

If you would like more information about The Lodge or our Transition Support call 01257 233300