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Derian House Trustees offer guidance and support to the Senior Management Team through regular sub-committee meetings and bi-monthly Board meetings. Our Trustees are all volunteers and receive no financial reward for the significant amount of time they give to the charity.  Offering a wide range of skills to support the diverse nature of a hospice the Trustees ensure we maintain our culture, values and governance alongside providing the very best care and support to those who need our services.

Karen Swindley

Karen Swindley

Chair of Trustees

How long have you been a trustee at Derian House?

Nearly two years now

Why did you get involved?

I wanted to do something to use the skills that I have developed in my day job to support a charity – where better than Derian?

What does your role as a trustee entail?

As Chair, I am responsible for leading the Board of Trustees. We are responsible for developing the strategy and for holding the senior management team to account for delivery of the strategy and performance of the charity.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a vet – but didn’t want to spend years at university and I don’t like snakes!

What makes you feel proud to be a trustee at Derian House?

Everybody and everything – it is the most wonderful place!

What do you hope to achieve in your tenure as a trustee?

I really want Derian to achieve a CQC rating of Outstanding and be known as the number one children’s hospice in the country

What would you say to anyone considering becoming a trustee?

It is extremely rewarding – you get to meet the most amazing people who do brilliant things each and every day

Tell us a moment at Derian that has made you laugh or smile.

I am a bit of a softy and every board meeting we have a family story so that we ground our decisions in remembering what we are here for. I cry at every story at every Board!

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